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Link checker and more. Find every broken link and other website errors in seconds. Without
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4 October 2010

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DeepTrawl is an easy to use website diagnostic tool that can ferret out a variety of problems that may occur in a website.

The application trawls websites and finds and eliminates dead or slow images and links; finds common HTML mistakes and problems that annoy users and can search for bad language and link spamming in user postings. The user interface allows you to define what to look for and how deep to crawl.

Within minutes of installation DeepTrawl can analyze your website and produce a Google-like report of each page containing potential problems. The application comes bundled with a lightweight HTML editor that allows you to identify problems but does not integrate with site management tools. It also can schedule scans at regular intervals and send alerts via email or text message after the scan is complete.

DeepTrawl’s website analysis tools are very good at getting a handle on what shape your website is in, but because they do not work with site management software such as Front Page or Dreamweaver it adds another step in correcting mistakes many potential users would not be willing to take.

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Link checker and more. Find every broken link and other website errors in seconds. DeepTrawl is a Windows / Mac application which allows website owners to find & fix website errors.
Without DeepTrawl, keeping your website error free is a laborious manual process of checking for broken links, spell checking content, validating your html page by page to ensure browser compatibility and many other time consuming tasks. With a single click DeepTrawl quickly scans your entire site for these and many other issues.
Our software works with any kind of website. Whether your site is hand-written or created using Dreamweaver, Frontpage or any other editor every feature of DeepTrawl will work just the same.
Handing off error checking to DeepTrawl frees you to work faster and be more creative with the security of knowing that the no. 1 broken link checker is protecting you from broken links & other issues.
Version 3.1
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